Yamaha MT 07 FULL

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With over 125,000 units sold, the MT-07 has been the number one roadster since its introduction.

With its high-torque 690cc engine and compact, agile chassis, it’s impossible not to love this bike, one of Yamaha’s best-selling models.

This MT-07 is no longer a best-seller, it is already almost a myth. (and produced in Japan!)

The duo will always be more of a breakdown service than anything else, as it is the case on almost all roadsters.

License A.This motorcycle is reserved for experienced bikers, over 25 years old with more than 5 years of license.

Price: 110 € per day for 1 or 2 days, 100 € per day for 3 to 6 days, 90 € per day for 7 days or more. Insurance included.

250 km per day are included in the price. Beyond that, the tenant will be charged 0.30€/km.

Fixed price for passage in Corsica or in a European country: 150€.

Deposit of 1500 € by check or credit card.

Weather guarantee.

Equipment rental (Helmet, Jacket, Gloves) 15€ per day per person.

yamaha mt 07